Michelle Jacobik, is a Financial Wellness Coach

Michelle Jacobik, is a Financial Wellness Coach with a private practice in Connecticut. She has successfully led individuals around the country in rebuilding their financial foundations. Using her budgeting tools, debt reduction planning, and saving techniques she helps clients create realistic changes in order to forge their way in getting rid of debt payments and …

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dad playing with child

What Are 3 Ways I Can Strengthen My Child’s Emotional Intelligence?

“It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not forget to educate their hearts.” – Dalai Lama Research suggests that people with strong emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed than those with high IQs or even relevant experience in the world of work. Emotional intelligence is also the key to …

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What is Charisma and how can I help my child get it (and get some myself)?

kids/teens learning social skills and charismaParents often ask about how to help their children improve social skills.

Here are some ideas you can share with your child if he or she motivated to learn some new ways of thinking about connecting with others.

Charisma is a way of being that draws other people to you and makes them want to be around you. Think about the charismatic people in your life. mentors, friends, or public figures like athletes, actors, and politicians. People think that charisma is something you are born with or without, but this isn’t entirely true. While charisma comes more naturally to some people, it is a set of skills that can be practiced and learned. Here are some of the most important skills to practice yourself or help your child practice to become more charismatic.

kids cooperateAttention

People like being around other people that make them feel interesting, funny, and intelligent. Giving someone your undivided attention shows them that you find them likable and are interested in what they are saying. You can demonstrate attention by using active listening skills like turning your body toward to speaker, nodding, making verbal affirmations (“Yes” or “I see what you mean,” or just “Uh huh’), and maintaining eye contact. Eye contact can be tricky to master. Too much eye contact can feel creepy and aggressive, while too little comes off as uninterested. I recommend maintaining eye contact just long enough to allow you to note the eye color of your conversation partner. Then you can look away before returning to offer more eye contact.


Remember that people are attracted to those that make them feel interesting The balancing act is to offer enough to the conversation to share your knowledge and experience, but listen with equal intensity so that your conversation partner has the same opportunity. It helps if you can steer the conversation toward an area you feel comfortable and confident enough to offer information, but restrain yourself from sounding like a know-it-all. Don’t be afraid to use humor. Effective humor makes everyone feel good and isn’t at the expense of anyone. Jokes about things that are core to people’s values or out of their control are off limits. This usually includes religion, politics, looks, abilities, family, and ethnicity.

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Peace At Home Parenting Solutions

Get Ready to be a Positive Parent for your Teen

You might be wondering if there is anything you can do now to get ready for the big change. Yes – even if your child is a toddler or a tween (adolescence goes from 12 – 24 these days) – here are 3 actions steps to start today: Know yourself Adolescents can be a magnet …

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How to Teach Your Kids About Money

Financial literacy is as important as reading or writing. It is essential to your child’s well-being now and in the future. Understanding money will mean more opportunities, less stress, and more serenity. Here are 3 ways to teach your child financial literacy: Give your child an allowance that is designed to cover specific categories of …

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