How to deal with tantrums by increasing self-regulation

Self-Reg Book Reviews Self-Reg by Dr.Stuart Shanker, published 2016, gives parents an entirely new way of understanding a child’s behavior. If you want to help your child calm and avoid tantrums, learn to truly calm yourself and stop responding by raising your voice, threatening or punishing your child for misbehaving. The book Self-Reg will teach …

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Seven MYTHS of Effective Parenting

Punishment will change bad behavior. More reminders lead to better behavior. Explaining to your child why a behavior is wrong will lead him to stop that behavior. Lots of praise just spoils your child. Doing it once or twice means your child can do it regularly. My other child did not need extra training, so …

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Does Ignoring Your Children Work?

Ignore misbehavior whenever possible – especially attention seeking misbehaviors like: whining, complaining, moping or “water power.” Two potential problems with ignoring – Child may raise the ante – the misbehavior gets worse before it gets better. Child may also become aggressive to force attention from the parent. You can give a time out or take …

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Peace at home checklist

Checklist for Parents

Follow some of these daily practices to for more effective parenting in your home: Are you spending 20 minutes of one-on-one, un-interrupted, positive time with your child every day? You have no agenda, no teaching points, no technology—just having fun, enjoying your child, smiling, encouraging and seeing what is right with your child. And saying positive …

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raising happy children

Raise Happy Children: Parenting for Optimism and Resilience

Tonight from  8:15 PM – 9:15 PM you can register for “Raising Happy Children” While temperament is inborn, parents can actually help children increase optimism (positive outlook and hopefulness) and resilience (ability to effectively bounce back from challenges). These capacities are strongly connected to well-being and success. You will recognize be able to define happiness …

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child brain

Parents: Teach Your Brain to Practice Gratitude

Our brains are like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones. We notice, remember and focus on the negative far more effectively than the positive. There are two important things about this biological fact for parents: You are more likely to notice your child’s misbehavior than positive behavior. And since you notice it, …

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