Help Your Child with ADHD or Autism to Cooperate and Connect

PRESENTER: Aaron Weintraub, MS Why does my kid act this way? Many parents try punishment or persuasion to help misbehaving or withdrawn children improve their behavior. This online class will help you achieve the stronger connections and positive behaviors you are seeking. Whether children are acting out or withdrawn, the root cause is often anxiety. …

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FREE Live Online Parenting Class: Intro to Peace at Home Parenting

Children are more cooperative when they feel positively connected with their parents. This live online intro class will help you understand and apply: Communication skills that build strong parent-child connections Parent behaviors that help kids cope with stress so they can develop self-control Effective discipline that reduces misbehavior and increases positive behavior in the long …

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helping kids with a move

How to help your kids before and after a move

Moving into a new home can be stressful, especially for young children. Follow this family moving guide to help your kids make a smooth transition from your old home to your new one. Download pdf to read more  >


When should I praise my kids?

There are actually helpful ways to praise children and ways that might produce “praise junkies.” You know – those kids who bring every drawing to you and say do you like it? Is it pretty? Those kids who can’t seem to be pleased with themselves without some kind of external pat on the back. For …

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father with his daughter

7 Ways to Appreciate How Dad is Different than Mom

Fathers are far more than just ‘second adults’ in the home. Involved fathers — especially biological fathers — bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is as likely to bring. – David Popenoe, Life Without Father A columnist recently quipped that, “In 50 years, our society has gone from ‘father knows best’ to …

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raising happy children

Summer Plans with Kids: Make it Easy and Happy This Year!

You know the song, “Summertime and the living is easy…” It sounds so inviting but that isn’t actually what I hear from parents. We envision relaxed time, more family connection and more fun. In reality, parents say there are lots of conflicts about screen time, hassling kids to read more, maybe play outside more and …

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Summer Webinar Series

Happy summer familyChoose to make this a summer of positive change for you and for your family. Discover simple ways to:

  1. Apply effective discipline that will improve cooperation and your connection with your children
  2. Add simple practices to your day that will decrease chaos and tension and create real peace at home
  3. Create family routines that will strengthen emotional intelligence for all and build lasting family ties

Your Summer School subscription will provide:

  • Access to all live, interactive online parenting classes in June, July and August 2017
  • Access to recordings of all classes
  • Subscription to private Peace At Home Parenting Facebook community including comments and answers from Peace At Home Founder Ruth Freeman and her expert colleagues who specialize in Infants and Toddlers and in Autism, Anxiety and Attention issues
  • Access to monthly Q&A sessions to get answers to your questions and support to reduce barriers in applying new strategies

Summer School classes will include:

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