kids snacking

Kids eat snacks like Netflix. As soon as one ends, another one is getting started* 

When parents permit kids to “graze,” that is eating at will throughout the day, parents will often end up with power struggles with kids and sometimes even eating problems or disorders. Experts suggest that scheduled meals and snacks with limited offerings is best for developing good eating skills. Ellyn Satter, nationall recognized adviser on feeding …

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P@H on Channel 8 – WTNH Positive Co-Parenting Part 2

News 8 continuing our look at Positive Co-Parenting. After Justin Michaels had gotten into a good co-parenting groove with his ex-wife, Chantel, he introduced her to his new girlfriend, Laurah. Related: Positive Co-Parenting Part 1: Exchange conflict for compromise and communication “She was in nursing school at that point, and I’m a nurse, so we were talking about …

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