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Rewatch the FB Live Event – Meltdowns, Tantrums: Kids Simply Struggling to Behave

November 25, 2020

Watch our Facebook Live event when we talked about meltdowns, tantrums, and kids simply struggling to behave. JoAnn Robinson, PhD, Peace At Home early childhood expert, parent and grandmother and Ruth Freeman, LCSW and Peace At Home Founder had a informational discussion on Emotional Meltdowns and Behavior Struggles in Young Children.

child therapy

Does My Child Need To Be In Therapy?

November 21, 2020

By Katherine Bergamo Maybe you are thinking about taking your child to see a therapist. Or maybe you are just wondering about whether your child’s behavior is in the “normal” range. Maybe a teacher or childcare provider has expressed some concerns. In any case, you probably have questions, the main one being, “how can I …

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Fitness Doesn’t Have To Be Formal

November 6, 2020

For many of us parents, he daily to-do list is so long that some things are bound to go undone. The things that end up getting scratched from the list are often what we so desperately need for ourselves, for our own well-being. Talking to parents, especially those with young children at home, I find …

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Help Young Children Play on their Own

October 19, 2020

By Cora Megan, M.A.  and JoAnn Robinson, PhD    Many parents are asking, “How am I supposed to homeschool my child AND work from home? I am not a teacher!” This can feel overwhelming and impossible. You are not alone. It is important to start small and plan no more than one or two activities for …

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Weaning Pacifier

Pacifier Weaning: Binkies Can be Tricky!

September 12, 2020

By Cora Megan, M.A. and JoAnn Robinson, PhD Pacifiers are a great aid to self-soothing for infants and toddlers. It replaces using a thumb, the age-old ready-made tool, and is less damaging to developing teeth. Pediatric dentists recommend that by age three years children are weaned from using them.   Getting rid of a pacifier is …

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toddler screams

Help! My Toddler is Screaming a Lot! by Cora Megan, MA

July 23, 2020

Toddlers are impulsive and have a hard time stopping themselves from doing things that: Feel good (yup, screaming feels good to little ones) Worked in the past (chances are that every time your toddler screams someone looks at them or reacts in some way – kids are built to seek your attention) Learning to do …

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How do I talk to my child about vaping? by Heather Kobylinski, MA, SAC

July 16, 2020

E-cigarettes and vaping devices are the most recent fad among teens, leaving parents anxious and sometimes paralyzed with fear. This smokeless, odorless and innocuous device makes detection difficult and easily hidden. Every day, over 3,500 youths start vaping. Whether your child is using or not, you can be sure that they are exposed. The importance …

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Childcare Centers are Opening Back Up: How to Help Your Child Get Ready

June 29, 2020

by Cora Megan, MA  After nearly four months at home and limited interaction with the outside world, your child will likely protest separating from you on their first days back. This is normal and a healthy expression of their feelings. For young children, separating from a loved one is considered a healthy stressor, not a …

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