Peace at Home Parenting Solutions is an innovative online positive parenting program for parents who are hungry for change. Parenting expert Ruth E. Freeman, LCSW, and her team of experienced professionals guide parents to lasting positive changes in child behavior, family relationships, and overall happiness.

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3 Ways to Start:

Peace at Home Parenting Solutions online program offers guidance that is:

  • Effective: According to research conducted by the University of Connecticut, and hundreds of moms and dads just like you.
  • Convenient: Live webinars and other services can be accessed from the comfort of your own home or through an app on the go.
  • Step-by-Step: Ruth and her team guide you through simple techniques you can use right now.

Peace at Home Parenting Solutions will help you discover your capacity for positive parenting, one simple step at a time all the way to graduation and beyond.

parenting solutions Learn more about:

  • the difference between punishment and positive discipline
  • how to handle temper tantrums
  • how temperament can affect behavior
  • ways to address homeworkissues
  • how to manage child anxiety
  • better ways to co-parent
  • approaches that support positive child development
  • how to use parenting styles that strengthen outcomes for kids
  • how to recognize your own strengths and triggers


Ruth’s wealth of knowledge around all things parenting provides a solid foundation for her to teach others. I have attended two of her webinars so far and learned so much! Even as a parent and a clinician myself, Ruth was able to provide me with great information and resources to use in my life as well as in my practice.

– Julie Spears, LCSW

Wow, that was something seeing Ruth in action. During our session she quickly pinpointed what the core issue is between my adult daughter and myself. Learning that my own trauma triggers my emotional shut down and getting the tools to fix it is pure brilliance. Thank you Ruth.

– Beate Chelette, Founder of The Women’s Code and Author of Happy Woman Happy World

I participated in the Positive Parenting Webinar with countless others, and I must say it was the very best webinar I have EVER attended. The information provided was current, relevant, and above all informative. I took away countless tools that could be used immediately with my 19 year old teenage son who has ADHD and is currently struggling with drug abuse. I was tearful at times and it was extremely rewarding to know I wasn’t alone in my personal struggles. Many other participants face the same challenges and the material resonated with me in a way words cannot express. I just wanted to take a moment to extend my personal thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

– Corporate Mom

I really enjoyed the webinar because it helped trigger some things that I already knew, but wasn’t practicing, mainly because I have become too busy with my kids, keeping the house cleaned, daily life, etc. I tend to focus on the negative parts of life and myself, and am constantly thinking of what I can do better. I also tend to think about the past often and wonder why things happened the way that they did, or what I could have done differently. These thoughts enhance my stress level and decrease my happiness level.  So, talking about happiness and the brain really hit home for me. I plan to print the 7 habits of happy people and work to achieve all of them, while also trying to avoid the happiness mistakes.

– Angela, RN, Missouri

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your having shared your insight and advice with all of us.  This was one of the best “webinars” (if not the best “webinar”) that I have ever attended while here at Aetna.

– Charlie Armstrong

I wanted to thank you for this webinar- I have printed out the Parenting Manifesto and copied it for both of my children who are teenagers in college- the speaker discussed things that really hit home with me and I really appreciated it. The Parenting Manifesto…perfectly describes the type of mother/parent that I want to be and the loving home I will work hard to create for my sons. I always knew that is what I wanted and it’s so good to see it written down!  Great job to Ruth – she was pretty amazing!

– Marge, Pennsylvania

Thank you, class was great!  Extremely helpful, I love things like this.  Please keep them coming J  I don’t find much time outside of work to learn about these things.  My interest is peeked to research more and to put into practice what she shared. Thanks again!

– Jessica, corporate mom

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation.  It reinforced for me that for the most part I’m doing things well. Hearing about the research that backs up my instincts as a parent was comforting.  Being a good parent is hard.  Thank you for providing the motivation to keep up the effort.  I also appreciate your sharing personal stories, one of which will help me as I guide my daughter who is a very advanced reader.

– Dennis, Mansfield

I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you for the presentation on Money and Kids. I learned so much and can’t wait to go back to my significant other and share with him on how to help our kids be more knowledgeable with money. I also got some ideas on how to help our finances as well. I do agree that our kids learn from us and I want to be a good example…I really learned a lot!

– Joylynne, Utah

When I signed up for Ruth’s training on Money and Kids, I expected the usual allowance and reward system tips. However, Ruth’s training not only discussed these concepts but many more, including investments! She helped me to understand exactly how to set up allowances and how they are not to reward children but instead teach them about money. She also reminded us not to judge their spending and allow them to learn and face the natural consequences. Ruth teaches parents about how our actions, thoughts and behaviors about money also influences our children and little things like kids never seeing adults use real dollar bills can keep them from understanding our credit cards are tied to actual money. I hope to attend another one of Ruths’ trainings. She keeps it fun, interactive and provides very concrete ideas!

– Clinical Social Worker and Parent of a 6 year old, Austin, Texas

A lot of parent educators are great people who know their stuff, but few package the message like you do. Somehow you foster the inclusivity and social consciousness of Pete Seeger with memories of the immigrant grandmother who loves you, but you better listen up.

– Amy Parcinski, Director, Plainfield Family Resource Center

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