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Provide diverse employees with the resources they need to create work and family life balance with less stress and more confidence. Your Parenting Education and Support Center is a continuously updated, 24/7 digital hub that saves employees time and energy when struggling with family challenges. Link employees directly to Peace At Home classes and other resources delivered by 15 recognized, engaging child development and parenting experts. Contact us to start developing your company's Parenting Center today.

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While pandemic parenting challenges are without precedent, the essential features of what helps children and their parents thrive remain unchanged. Initial research findings related to pandemic stressors for families indicate that parental support and increased perceived control are promising interventions.*

Peace At Home Parenting Solutions is uniquely prepared to deliver precisely these needed interventions according to a University of Connecticut evaluation.** The evaluation reported the following outcomes for parents who access Peace at Home corporate Parenting Education and Support Center services:

  • Increased feelings of being supported in parenting goals
  • Increased sense of control and competence with their children
  • Reduced dysfunctional discipline practices

*Brown, Samantha M., et al. “Stress and Parenting During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.” PsyArXiv, 29 June 2020. Web.
** Russell, Beth, et. al. “Reducing Hostile Parenting through Computer Mediated Parenting Education” 77 (2017) 66-73