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Emotional Intelligence: Teach and Model

Do you sometimes feel confused about how to respond to your children’s emotional displays? Do emotions sometimes feel like misbehavior to you? Do your own feelings feel overwhelming at times?   Tue, Jan 31, 2017 8:15 PM – 9:15 PM EST Price: $20.00 USD Emotional intelligence increases children’s self-worth and cooperation, it improves communication and …

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How Your Intimate Relationship Impacts Your Children

A loving relationship between parents is a powerful influence on how effective you are as a parent.

Research suggests that parents who report having a positive, affectionate relationship with their partners tend to engage in more positive parenting activities like playing, reading or singing with their children.

A mom or dad who feels loved is more likely to have the energy and patience that effective parenting requires. If you are worn out by chronic conflict, disappointment over broken agreements or feeling lonely in the relationship, you will likely have a lot less patience for another game of “Candyland.” Getting your basic emotional needs met in a positive relationship with your intimate partner means you are more emotionally available to your child. When your attachment needs are met, you are less likely to over-react to your children’s challenging behavior. When your own emotional bank is full, or at least not on empty, you simply have more to give in ways that children need.

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