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Bullying in School: Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied & How You Can Help

By Brittnie Stoy.

Is your child suddenly sullen, withdrawn, or seeming to avoid contact with you?

Have you observed marked changes in his behaviors and personality?

Is she afraid to ride the school bus or reluctant to go to school?

These are just a few of the possible warning signs that your child is being bullied. (Bullying is defined as any unwanted, aggressive behavior that is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.)

Repeated bullying may cause significant emotional harm and can erode a child’s self-worth and mental health. Whether bullying is verbal, physical or relational, the long-term effects can be equally harmful.

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Potty Training: Are WE Ready?

By Amy Kostak, CFLE.

Virtually all books about potty training emphasize that toddlers have observable signals of readiness. One facet of readiness – which is usually overlooked – is the development of a cooperative parent-child relationship.
Potty training may seem like it’s just about your child, but it’s equally about you.

Before you begin the toilet training process, ask yourself three questions:

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Understanding Feelings: How to Raise Caring Kids

By Ashley Maturo.

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by your child’s feelings? 
Does your child have trouble verbalizing his emotions? 
Do your child’s displays of emotion ever seem like misbehavior to you? 

A better relationship with your child starts with emotional intelligence!

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Connect with Teens: 5 Steps to Better Communication

By Amy Kostak, CFLE-P.

The teenage years are crucial to a person’s healthy development, but they can be daunting to parents. While teens are seeking more independence, parents are grasping for connection. This disconnect can result in a lot of frustration. Luckily, we have some strategies that parents can use to improve their relationships with their teens.

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Blending Traditions: 5 Steps to a Peaceful Holiday with Your Blended Family

By Brynn Rosadino.

With the holiday season approaching, stress tends to be at an all-time high. Handling this stress alone can be difficult enough. But when you add the new dynamics of your blended family, the holidays can seem downright impossible.

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