Book Review: “The Gardener & The Carpenter” by Allison Gopnik, PhD

Review by Joe Freeman, LCSW, MDiv.

Allison Gopnik, PhD, is a rigorous scientist of child learning and development. She is a philosopher who has a knack for explaining complicated concepts in simple ways. Dr. Gopnik is also a grandmother who writes with a strong appreciation for the role of grandparents, particularly grandmothers. She says, “…human beings are, most of all, a cultural species. Our long human childhood allows us to be especially attuned to culture…Grandmothers and grandfathers provide a rich trove of cultural information.”

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teenager adulting 101

Adulting 101: Help Teens Learn Basic Life Skills

Guest blog by Agata and Andy Cavar, Vernon, CT.

One night my husband and I were talking about how our boys (14 & 16) were going to end up living in our basement unless they started learning some life skills.

So we brainstormed a list of basic things we thought adults should know how to do. We decided to call it Spring Training and teach one skill every night after dinner.

The first night, we announced that we would be embarking on Adulting 101. Our plan was received with eye rolls, groans and exasperated sighs. The first lesson was how to fix a tripped breaker. Once we started talking about it, to our surprise, the boys were genuinely interested! They asked questions, talked about circuits watts, amps, and electricity. One question lead to another and we were having a real conversation! And it wasn’t about homework, school drama, or who needed to clean their room. How refreshing!

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Social Media 101: Keep Your Kids Safe

Tue, Oct 24, 20178:15 PM – 9:15 PM EDT When children and teens connect to the internet, they enter a wide open space not supervised well or at all by adults. Parents are challenged to sort out guidelines and strategies to protect their children in this busy arena that is both alluring and seemingly out …

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FREE Live Online Parenting Class: Intro to Peace at Home Parenting

Children are more cooperative when they feel positively connected with their parents. This live online intro class will help you understand and apply: Communication skills that build strong parent-child connections Parent behaviors that help kids cope with stress so they can develop self-control Effective discipline that reduces misbehavior and increases positive behavior in the long …

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