Employee productivity starts at home.

Inspire your employees and implement a healthy work-life balance by providing access to diverse parenting resources, expert coaching, community support and more, today.

Why Companies Need Peace At Home

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Nearly 2.2 Million Women Have Left The U.S. Labor Market Since The Beginning Of The Pandemic

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35% Of Working Dads And 38% Of Working Moms Say They Are Worried About Their Performance At Work

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Mothers Feel If They Don’t Push Themselves To Keep Up An Unsustainable Pace, They Will Not Meet Expectations

Protect Your Greatest Resources – Your Employees


Recognized, Experienced Professionals

Our unparalleled team has:

experts with advanced degrees who specialize in child and parenting issues from prenatal development to young adulthood.

specialists who are devoted to applying timely, practical strategies to improve parent, child relationships while inspiring over 90% of parents to return for a second class.

experts dedicated to maintaining the wellbeing of your employees and their children by fostering inclusivity and providing a safe, judgement-free environment.

seasoned professionals who apply their expertise to build practical solutions to support a diverse range of families resulting in a 97% overall satisfaction rate among class participants.


Turning Research Into Practical Tools

Content Development,
it starts with evidenced-based strategies, proven to make a difference in a working parent’s life.

Classes, Conversations, On-Demand Video Libraries, 1:1 Coaching, and Community,
multiple formats available to deliver our expert content to parents. 

Parenting Solutions Center,
a customized platform of solutions to meet your employees where they're at.

Strategic Partnership,
our collaborative philosophy ensures your team has the resources needed to address challenges as they arise.

Solutions Customized for your Workforce. We collaborate with you to develop a branded, digital Parenting Solution Center microsite to help your working parents improve confidence in balancing work and family with less stress and more peace.

Within the microsite, we incubate microcommunities, uniting parents who share common challenges such as Newborn or Teen groups providing employees an expert-led opportunity to connect with each other.

Wellness professionals appreciate our white glove service. We design and manage the entire program for you, handling participant communication, registration, class delivery, feedback surveys, and progress reporting. Our goal is to make it easy for our Peace at Home Parenting Solutions to fit into your existing wellness program and become a strategic partner.

Together, our efforts to support working parents will lead to increased engagement, improved productivity, and higher retention rates, solidifying your company’s reputation as an employer of choice and increasing your bottom line.


Direct Contact With Our Team

Your employees have exclusive access to our unmatched team of experts for additional support and to build confidence. 

Our sessions focus on evidence-based strategies. We welcome conversations among parents and answer questions live to help parents integrate effective tools into their daily routine.

1:1 Coaching,
Individual guidance from one of our specialists can be pivotal in identifying strategies that will strengthen parental capacity to maintain a healthy family dynamic.

Support includes a monthly Q&A session and a private Facebook group, uniting parents of your organization going through common challenges or stages of life.

We are passionate about helping parents learn the skills necessary to develop successful parenting styles resulting in better connections and cooperation with their kids. Our solutions help working parents learn to balance work and family, with less stress and more confidence.

We believe direct communication with our experts is the key to successfully integrating our proven solutions into parents' daily lives.


Proven To Make A Difference

Increased employee:

    • engagement.
    • productivity.
    • retention rates.

Solidifying your company's reputation among employees.

97% overall satisfaction rating by participants.

90%+ employees take multiple classes.

Proven outcomes demonstrated through evaluations and testimonials.

Numerous corporate client referrals.

While pandemic parenting challenges are without precedent, the essential features of what helps children and their parents thrive remain unchanged. Initial research findings related to pandemic stressors for families indicate that parental support and increased perceived control are promising interventions.*

Peace at Home Parenting Solutions is uniquely prepared to deliver precisely these needed interventions according to a University of Connecticut evaluation.** The evaluation reported the following outcomes for parents who access Peace at Home parenting services:

  • Increased feelings of being supported in parenting goals
  • Increased sense of control and competence with their children
  • Reduced dysfunctional discipline practices

*Brown, Samantha M., et al. “Stress and Parenting During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.” PsyArXiv, 29 June 2020. Web.

** Russell, Beth, et. al. “Reducing Hostile Parenting through Computer Mediated Parenting Education” 77 (2017) 66-73

Build Your Custom Tool Kit

Choose from the options below to customize your Parenting Soltuion Center.

Classes & Conversations


Peace At Home offers several learning formats that are customizable to meet your organization’s needs. All sessions are led by seasoned experts who are available to answer questions in real-time. Formats include easy-to-understand handouts highlighting the class’s key content. Employees can have access to our public schedule offering over 30+ live classes per quarter (see our upcoming schedule), or we can customize a session based on your organization’s unique goals using:

Custom Classes
Our 60-minute classes deliver evidence-based strategies and essential concepts to help parents recognize and apply the best practices that help children thrive. Classes are recorded and added to your custom Parenting Solutions Center for easy access. Class content may be customized by developmental stage, specific parent and/or child challenges, current events, or other issues presented by your employees. 

Conversations with Experts  
Tools are brought to life through interactive discussions based on our Solution Series Video Libraries. These discussions are helpful to parents regardless of whether they’ve had time to view the videos in advance. Essential strategies are reviewed at the start of each 60-minute conversation. Parents use this open forum to ask questions, share what strategies have worked for them, and learn how to makes things click.

Solutions Series Video Libraries
Coaching 1:1
Community Support

Tailored Solutions

Tell us what you need! We collaborate with you to create a customized solution. Examples below show how you can bundle solutions.

Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle Includes:

Access To Our Live Class Catalog With 30 Classes Each Quarter
Peace At Home Community Access
Price: $5,000*
Complete Bundle
Comprehensive Bundle
*prices vary based on company size

Solution Series Video Libraries

Concepts & Tools to Increase Cooperation & Connection

Prenatal - Infants

Series A

Welcome Baby & Welcome Back to Work

Mother and Baby
  1. Healthy Birth Toolkit
  2. Self-Care in Pregnancy Supports Calm and Joy
  3. Feeling low? Postpartum Blues, Depression, and Anxiety
  4. Learn baby’s needs: Eat, Play, Sleep
  5. Parent and Baby Sleep: Create Sustainable Routines
  6. Will Working Harm My Attachment with my Baby?

Contact us for the Extended class list and class descriptions.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Series B

Routines That Work With Little Ones

positive discipline
  1. Positive Routines with Young Children that Work
  2. How Can I Help My Young Child Feel Safe and Secure?
  3. Help Infants and Toddlers Become Great Sleepers
  4. ABC's of Potty-Training: Part 1 – Get Ready!
  5. ABC's of Potty-Training: Part 2 – Get Going!
  6. Feeling worn out by young children? Your Self Care is Vital

Contact us for the Extended class list and class descriptions.

School Age

Series C

Be Your Child's Emotions Coach

Daddy with little boy playing with toy cars
  1. Help Your Child Recover from Emotional Meltdowns
  2. Taming Tantrums: Recognize Triggers and Stay Calm
  3. Taming Tantrums: Plan Ahead to Guide Your Child
  4. Positive Discipline for Toddlers and Preschoolers
  5. Technology and Young Children: How Much is Too Much?
  6. Kids Listen Best when Parents are Playful
  7. Manage Sibling Conflict and Promote Positive Connections
  8. I Get So Irritated!

Contact us for the Extended class list and class descriptions.


Series D

Help Your Tweens & Teens Thrive Even When They Think You Are Ridiculous

  1. Build Extraordinary Relationships through Everyday Conversation
  2. Brain Health: Teach Teens to Optimize Well-Being
  3. Talking to Teens: 10 Strategies to Reduce the Conflict
  4. Parenting Teens: Positive Discipline that Works
  5. 7 Steps to Teach and Support Teen Independence
  6. Use Everyday Conversations to Nurture Character
  7. Teens in Love: Romantic Relationships in the New Normal

Contact us for the Extended class list and class descriptions.


Why Make the Investment?

A 2019 study from the Pew Research Center found that:

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51% of working mothers and 43% of working fathers said they've felt like they couldn't give 100% at work because of family responsibilities and challenges.

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53% of working mothers and 51% of working fathers say that being a working parent makes it harder for them to be a good parent.

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50% of working mothers and 39% of working fathers say that being a working parent makes it harder for them to advance in their job or career.

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54% of working mothers and 44% of working fathers say they've needed to reduce their work hours to deal with family challenges.

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Hear From Our Happy Customers

"A lot of parent educators are great people who know their stuff, but few package the message like you do. Somehow you foster the inclusivity and social consciousness of Pete Seeger with memories of the immigrant grandmother who loves you, but you better listen up."

-Amy Parcinski, Director, Plainfield Family Resource Center

When I signed up for Ruth’s training on Money and Kids, I expected the usual allowance and reward system tips. However, Ruth’s training not only discussed these concepts but many more, including investments! She helped me to understand exactly how to set up allowances and how they are not to reward children but instead teach them about money. She also reminded us not to judge their spending and allow them to learn and face the natural consequences. Ruth teaches parents about how our actions, thoughts and behaviors about money also influences our children and little things like kids never seeing adults use real dollar bills can keep them from understanding our credit cards are tied to actual money. I hope to attend another one of Ruths’ trainings. She keeps it fun, interactive and provides very concrete ideas!

- Clinical Social Worker and Parent of a 6 year old, Austin, Texas

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation.  It reinforced for me that for the most part I'm doing things well. Hearing about the research that backs up my instincts as a parent was comforting.  Being a good parent is hard.  Thank you for providing the motivation to keep up the effort.  I also appreciate your sharing personal stories, one of which will help me as I guide my daughter who is a very advanced reader.

- Dennis, Mansfield

I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you for the presentation on Money and Kids. I learned so much and can’t wait to go back to my significant other and share with him on how to help our kids be more knowledgeable with money. I also got some ideas on how to help our finances as well. I do agree that our kids learn from us and I want to be a good example…I really learned a lot!

- Joylynne, Utah

Thank you, class was great!  Extremely helpful, I love things like this.  Please keep them coming J  I don’t find much time outside of work to learn about these things.  My interest is peeked to research more and to put into practice what she shared. Thanks again!

- Jessica, corporate mom