COVID-19 Parent Survival Toolbox

Peace At Home Parenting, LLC is a Connecticut based team of recognized experts that provides evidence-based, online parenting education across the USA through individual and town subscriptions and corporate employee well-being programs. Peace At Home Parenting teachers translate current research into practical tools that parents use to positively influence child development and family relationships.

The University of Connecticut studied Peace At Home online corporate well-being classes and concluded that they had significant impact in:

  • Increasing the level of support parents feel in facing their everyday lives
  • Reducing dysfunctional parental discipline practices (this includes over reactive discipline and parental hostility)
  • Increasing parents' sense of control and competence with their children

Following is a list of resources designed to support parents during the COVID-19 health crisis.


    • Peace At Home Private Group – We will open our monitored, private Facebook group to parents who reach out to us through Facebook events or email in order to expand support and connection among parents and with our teachers. Find us at “Peace At Home Parenting Private Group” on Facebook and when asked how you heard about us, say “Facebook.”


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Sustainable Routines for Families with Young Children

You’ve done well up to now with a weekday schedule that gets you out the door in the morning and back home for evening time with your young children. You don’t know how long you will need to work from home and provide full-time care for your young children.

Participants will be able to:

  • Plan and try out new routines that balance priorities while you seek a sustainable new rhythm.
  • Develop co-parenting strategies to work well in a simple daily schedule of care and activity.
Support Optimism and Secure Feelings for Young Children
Support Independent Play with Young Children
Learning at Home: So Now You are Your Child’s Teacher!
Learning at Home: Inspire Success
Work with Your Family so You can Work at Home
Help Your Child Feel Safe in a Complicated World
Be Your Child’s Calm Center in Difficult Times
Navigate the New Normal as a Family
Rethink Screen Time: The New Normal
Family Mindfulness in Difficult Times for Fun and Calm
Support Your Special Needs Child to Thrive in Changing Times

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We will help you quickly address parent challenges in balancing work and family during the COVID-19 crisis.