good parentingHow can I sign up for a live online parenting class (webinar)?

Visit our Live Online Class Registration Page to view all our upcoming classes. When you find the class you’d like to attend, click “Register.” You will be taken to a page with the full description and price of the class, and a registration form for you to fill out. Scroll down and complete the registration form. Then, click “Continue.”  If you are using a discount code, enter it on the next page and click apply. After applying the code, you will see the price of the class change. When you finish entering discount codes, click “Proceed to PayPal.” You do not need a PayPal account to pay for our classes. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. Follow the instructions to complete payment. Once you pay for the class, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a join link for the live, online class. A few minutes before the class is scheduled to start, click “Join” in your confirmation email. Follow the prompts to join the class through GoToTraining.

How do I join a live online parenting class?

When you register for a live, online parenting class, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a join link for the class. A few minutes before the class is scheduled to start, click “Join” in your confirmation email.

All of our Live, Online Classes and Q&A Sessions are hosted through GoToTraining. If you are not familiar with GoToTraining, it is a good idea to join a test session before the class, to test your computer’s compatibilities. You can also watch this video or read this article to learn more about joining a training.

If you are having difficulties joining a class, please call GoToTraining at +1-805-617-7370 or call Peace at Home Parenting Solutions at +1-661-PARENT-6 (+1-661-727-3686).

Can one parenting class really make a difference for my kids and my family life?

Yes! Research by the University of Connecticut demonstrated that parents felt more confident and were less negative with their children after just one session. Peace at Home Parenting Solutions provides simple changes that will improve family life and child cooperation. In the long run, positive parenting approaches do improve the ways kids think and feel about themselves and the ways parents connect with their children. These are the foundations of long-term positive outcomes for kids.

What do online classes cost?

Most live, online classes are only $10 and most online class recordings are only $5. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. We also offer one free live online class each month. If your family is in financial need at this time, email us to see if a reduced fee is available for the class you want to attend.

Your town may have a town-wide subscription which allows you to take any course during that membership time for free. Ask your town if they have a subscription or send them this link.

I have never been to an online class – what are they like?

You will see slides on your screen and your teacher will be talking over those images. At the start or at some point in the training you may see the teacher on your screen as well.

Can I ask questions during the class?

Yes. There will be several points during each live, online parenting class when you will be invited to make brief comments or ask questions. Participants are also able to write messages to the teacher through the “chat” function during the session.

What if I run into technical difficulties?

If you have any technical difficulties, call GoToTraining at +1-805-617-7370 or call Peace at Home Parenting Solutions at +1-661-PARENT-6 (+1-661-727-3686).

Do I get a recording of the class I attend? How will I remember everything I learn?

Yes. AND all classes include downloadable parent handout materials that highlight key learning points. You can post these on your refrigerator, share them with others or just keep them as reminders when challenges arise. Within 48 hours of every live online class, participants receive an email that includes handout materials and access to a recording of the class. You can watch the class again or share it with your partner or other people caring for your child. You will have access to the class recording for at least a month.

What if I have questions after class?

Peace at Home Parenting guidance does not stop when your live, online class is over. After class, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group. There, you will have unlimited access to our team of parenting experts, who will share tips and answer parents' questions. This Facebook community is also a place to connect with other caring parents, like you. We welcome parents to share challenges and celebrate successes. In addition, you will receive access to free monthly Q&A Sessions. During these sessions, you will be coached in applying the skills you learned in Peace at Home classes and again you will connect with other parents working to improve skills. If you are looking for more one-on-one support, we offer personalized coaching with any of our teachers.

What if I sign up for a class and then can't attend?

All people who register for a live, online class will receive a follow-up email with all handout materials and access to a recording of the class. You will be able to watch the entire class at your leisure for at least a month. And even though you won't be able to ask questions as participants do in the live class, you will be able to attend a Q&A session or post questions on the private Facebook page.

Are recordings of classes available even if I didn't register?

Yes. Most of our live online classes are recorded and are available for just $5. When you purchase a recording, you will receive all handout materials and be invited to attend our free monthly Q&A sessions and join our private Facebook group. Visit our Class Recording Registration Page to view a full list of available recordings.

Can I get a certificate or other proof that I took an online parenting class?

To receive a certificate for participating in one of our online parenting classes, you must pass an online test with a score of 70% or higher. You may email us before or after the class at to request the test and certificate.

Can I get a membership or subscription to all the online parenting classes?

Yes, there are a few ways that you can get a subscription to all our classes. You may purchase your own family subscription, which includes access to all live and recorded online parenting classes. Additionally, some towns or schools purchase subscriptions for all of their residents. Check in with your town Human Services or Youth Services or your local school to find out if your town has a subscription. If they don't already have a subscription, ask them to contact us at

What is a coaching session and how does it work?

Peace At Home Parenting teachers are often available to provide online, private coaching sessions to help parents solve persistent challenges. Parents generally report that one session is enough to address most issues. Your Peace At Home specialist will ask you to identify the goals you have for your child's behavior or your own behavior as a parent. They will learn about your family situation and develop with you a practical, customized action plan to achieve your goals. You may include your partner or other adults in the session or participate as an individual. Each participant may access the coaching session from their own location as needed. The cost of your first private session is $175 and includes a subscription to all Peace At Home live and recorded online classes. If additional sessions are needed, the cost is $100. Click here to learn more or email to arrange your first session.


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