good parentingHow can I sign up for a parenting webinar?
Select the Register Now button and select the name of the session you would like to attend. It will take you to a registration process. Once you pay for the session, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to the session. A few minutes before the session is due to start, you will click on that link and it will bring you to the web page where the session will take place. The link will not be active until a few minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.

Can one webinar really make a difference for my kids and my family life?
Actually, yes. Research by the University of Connecticut demonstrated that parents felt more confident and were less negative with their children after just one session. Peace at Home Parenting Solutions provides simple changes that will improve family life and child cooperation. In the long run, positive parenting approaches do improve the ways kids think and feel about themselves and the ways parents connect with their children. These are the foundations of long-term positive outcomes for kids.

What do webinars cost?
For a limited time, most sessions are only $17 payable by credit card unless your town has a town-wide subscription which allows you to take any course during that membership time for FREE (ask your town if they have one or send them this link). If your family is in financial need at this time, email Ruth at and she will see if a reduced fee is available for the course you want.

I have never been to a webinar – what are they like?
You will see slides on your screen and Ruth or another parenting educator will be talking over those images. At the start or at some point in the training you may also see the trainer on your screen as well.

Can I ask questions during the training?
Yes. There will be several points during each training when you will be invited to make brief comments or ask questions. Participants are also able to write messages to the trainer through the “chat” function during the session.

What if I run into technical difficulties?
At the beginning of the session you will be provided with a phone number to call if you are having problems connecting with the session or with sound or visuals.

So what happens after the webinar? Will there be help for me?
All participants in Peace at Home Parenting Solutions webinars are invited to join a private Facebook page. You will be able to connect with other parents trying new approaches and share your successes and challenges. Ruth and other Peace at Home Parenting Solutions trainers will appear from time to time to answer questions “live” and post responses to common questions and challenges. You can also schedule private sessions with Ruth and other Peace at Home Parenting Solutions Trainers as available. In addition, a “Family Transformation Package” of individualized resources and training is available. Click here for more information about the Family Transformation Package.

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Ruth’s wealth of knowledge around all things parenting provides a solid foundation for her to teach others. I have attended two of her webinars so far and learned so much! Even as a parent and a clinician myself, Ruth was able to provide me with great information and resources to use in my life as well as in my practice.”

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