How it works:

  1. register for free online classConsider your goals: We offer short FLASH classes for quick answers and more in depth LIVE classes for parents needing that personal touch. LIVE classes are recorded and are available for parents when "life" changed their plans!
  2. Once you know what type of class fits your needs – Select a Class: We have categorized our classes by age to help you find one that fits your family needs. Choose the best class that addresses your struggles and click on the REGISTER or BUY NOW (Flash Classes) buttons
  3. Complete your registration or purchase: Fill in registration form and payment info or use your promo code when applicable
  4. E-mail Communications: You will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions for your next steps or a link to the class you purchased. LIVE CLASSES will send reminders leading up to date of the class.
    1. For LIVE CLASSES, Click "Join" from the Email: Click Join in your e-mail at the time of the class 5.) Watch: If you are not able to join, you can watch the recording at your convenience
    2. For FLASH CLASSES or WEBINAR RECORDINGS: View from the link provided and enjoy as your schedule allows.