Calling all Parents: Are you happy with how your kids are behaving?
Do you have to fight to get them to listen?

Do you often defer to these tactics?

  • Yelling
  • Demanding Immediate Compliance
  • Nagging
  • Lecturing and Advice-Giving
  • Taking Anger Out on Kids
  • Shaming and Belittling
  • Setting Traps
  • Imposing Excessive Guilt
  • Physical Punishment
  • Coercion

Do you want to learn how to stop yelling and have a more calm and low stress household?

Peace at Home Parenting Solutions has designed an online course with YOU in mind. Changing behavior in your kids can be easy just by following some simple steps. Our course consists of 35 minutes of video, some simple assignments and supporting handouts. PLUS, with your purchase, you will receive access to our private Facebook Page where you can engage with other parents, Ruth Freeman and Peace at Home Parenting's Professional Specialists (a $150 value). 

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Peace at Home Parenting is now offering its highly praised live online webinar as a class that you can take any time, any place and start making and seeing changes in as early as 1 week. All for only $24.97

Need more? Peace at Home Parenting Offers Additional Services for Individuals and Corporations:

Live Online Classes

Parenting webinars are virtual but live and last 30 – 60 minutes. You attend virtually on your computer, tablet or smart phone. You will be able to interact and get answers on the spot.

Workplace Trainings

Workplace parenting education programs give employees peace of mind and tools to better handle their personal lives – making them more productive on the job.

Private Coaching

Private coaching can develop a targeted, unique process that will address your family’s specific needs. Parents hungry for change will find tools to transform family life in ways that will last throughout your children’s lifetimes.

Peace at Home Parenting Solutions is an innovative online positive parenting program for parents who are hungry for change. Parenting expert Ruth E. Freeman, LCSW, and her team of experienced professionals guide parents to lasting positive changes in child behavior, family relationships, and overall happiness.

Book Review: “The Gardener & The Carpenter” by Allison Gopnik, PhD

By Amy Kostak | June 8, 2018

Review by Joe Freeman, LCSW, MDiv. Allison Gopnik, PhD, is a rigorous scientist of child learning and development. She is a philosopher who has a knack for explaining complicated concepts in simple ways. Dr. Gopnik is also a grandmother who writes with a strong appreciation for the role of grandparents, particularly grandmothers. She says, “…human […]

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How to Get Kids to Listen: 7 Simple Gems to Win Cooperation

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By Joe L. Freeman, LCSW. Parents often ask how to make kids listen and follow directions, how to stop yelling and nagging, and how to teach children respect. The truth is, the way parents speak impacts children’s ability to listen. Here are seven tips to help you get kids to listen without yelling.

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