About Peace at Home Parenting Solutions

"Our mission is to connect parents with inspiring experts and each other so they easily gain the skills and support they need to build positive, peaceful and playful families."

What do most parents want?


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Even though they hope and sometimes pray for more patience, most parents don't have as much as they would like. The real story is that parents are nagging, yelling, threatening and sometimes hitting their children. Parents really don't want to do any of that. And it doesn't work.

So why do so many parents keep doing things that don't help and may hurt?

  • Sometimes parents don't know what else they can do to help children behave better
  • Sometimes parents can't use what they know because their brains are in "emergency mode."

In an atmosphere of safety and support, parents (and that means biological parents, stepparents, foster parents, grandparents and others who care for children) will learn about parenting skills and about themselves.



Many parents believe that punishment improves behavior. And they still believe that, even when they see with their own eyes that in the long run, it doesn't work. People have been studying child behavior for a long time. We know what works, and it isn't punishment. Peace at Home Parenting Solutions provides simple, proven methods of positive parenting that improve children's behavior and at the same time, strengthen their self-worth and the parent-child connection. Children who feel positively connected to their parents are more likely to cooperate and more likely to be motivated to succeed.

Parents in positive discipline workshops learn to make significant changes in their families. In one workshop facilitated by Ruth Freeman, participants reported that:

  • 67% yell and fight less often with their children
  • 74% focus more consistently on their children's positive behavior

Parents often believe that changing their children will lead to more cooperation. But those parents that get the most out of positive parenting webinars and courses recognize that parents who are willing to change themselves will produce the most profound changes in their children and family life. One group of participants reported that:

  • 70% have more family harmony at home
  • 67% feel more confident about parenting


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Learning about ourselves: Many of us grew up in families where we felt emotionally hurt or disconnected. Our own childhood experiences affect our parenting styles and how our brains work. We often feel too much 'toxic stress' in our everyday lives. Peace at Home Parenting Solutions helps parents learn more about how we can calm down and increase our connection to ourselves and our families.

Learning communication skills: Many of us long for a stronger connection with ourselves, our partners and our children. And while love is incredibly important and powerful, it is not always enough to secure that meaningful connection. Peace at Home Parenting Solutions helps parents master simple methods of listening, reflecting, and connecting. You will learn how to:

  • listen actively to your family
  • listen to your own internal signals before focusing on your child
  • help your child become a proactive problem solver instead of telling them how to solve their problems

Discovering the courage to be authentic: Learning about yourself is one of the most powerful ways to raise capable, confident and cooperative children. Those parents who recognize the strengths and challenges of their own childhoods are less likely to act out past hurts in relation to their children.

Often we are in denial about the harm done by our parents' approaches' and therefore we may repeat them with our own children. Or we try so hard to be the opposite of our parents that we end up passing on different problems to our children. Peace at Home Parenting Solutions will help you recognize the importance of your own story, make real peace with it, and stop the cycle of dysfunctional parenting.