Ruth Freeman can work with you to develop a targeted, unique process that will address your family’s specific needs. Parents hungry for change will find tools to transform family life in ways that will last throughout your children’s lifetimes.

What does Private Coaching include?

The Family Transformation process includes three personal sessions with Ruth either in-person or through Skype including:

  • In-depth assessment session includes reflection on the parenting you received as a child and how this may affect your behavior as a parent as well as a careful look at daily schedules and family routines, challenges and strengths. This session will include consideration of co-parenting issues and homework assignments for learning and practice.
  • Mid-process training and reflection session - you will review with Ruth new skills they have applied and discuss outcomes. You will have the chance to reflect on your approaches and your family's unique responses to them.
  • Closing session - Ruth will work with you to consider progress and continuing challenges including a plan to go forward on any unmet needs.

During and after these sessions, you will be provided with a number of resources, such as specific parent handouts to develop your missing skills, recorded webinar sessions and other reading. You will also be given practice “homework” to address issues specific to your family.

Both you and children will see changes in terms of self-worth, cooperation, practical skills, problem-solving capacities, long-term achievement and ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships.

For more information about the Family Transformation Package, please contact P@H.

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