Private Coaching

Peace at Home Parenting experts work with you to develop a unique online process that will address your family’s specific needs.

Are you concerned about your child and don't know where to turn? Does your child's behavior confuse or frustrate you? Have you tried everything but don't see lasting improvement? Parents hungry for change will find tools to transform family life in ways that will last throughout your child’s lifetime. Reach out for more info and we'll connect you with a parenting expert to find the best solution for your family.

What does Private Coaching include?

During your one-hour personal, interactive online session you will receive education and support from your Peace At Home consultant to:

  • Identify specific goals that describe the changes you want to see in your child and in your parenting behavior.
  • Develop a positive behavior plan with concrete strategies and actions steps that you can apply immediately.
  • Identify strategies that will strengthen your capacity to carry out your plan and sustain a positive relationship with your child and family.  

Many parents find that one session is enough to quickly see dramatic improvement, and often resolution, of most parenting challenges. The cost of your first session is $175 and includes a family subscription to all Peace At Home Parenting live and recorded online classes. You will also receive handout materials as needed and will have access to our monthly live Q&A sessions as well as our private Facebook group where you may ask questions and receive feedback from other parents and Peace At Home Parenting teachers. If follow up sessions are needed, the cost is $125/hour. If you are in financial need, please reach out to Ruth through our contact us form.

You will be matched with a Peace At Home Parenting expert - you can meet our team here. As a coaching participant you will learn to:

  • Recognize the unique nature of your child's challenging behaviors and what factors might trigger them
  • Distinguish between behaviors that are typical of your child's developmental stage or may be indicators of challenges specific to your child
  • Identify ways you or other caregivers may mistakenly increase your child's challenges through inconsistent supports, boundaries or other common parenting behaviors

You may include your partner or other adults in the session or participate as an individual. Each participant may access the coaching session from their own location as needed and at a time that fits your schedule. Participants may access each session through smart phone, table or computer. Coaching sessions can be recorded at your request and made available for later review by you and other adults who care for your child.

We offer a unique team approach to home and child care coaching. If you are seeing the same problems at home and at child care or if you want to get on the same page with your provider, we can work with you both to use positive guidance principles to address persistent behavior issues.

Both you and child will see changes in terms of self-worth, cooperation, practical skills, problem-solving capacities, long-term achievement and ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships.

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