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Why all companies can benefit from
Peace at Home programs

Ruth has taught parenting education at The Hartford, CIGNA, Novartis, and Aetna insurance companies with consistently rave reviews. Her webinar participants report 82% or higher satisfaction rate with most webinars receiving a 100% satisfaction response. In addition Ruth's webinars consistently retain 95 - 100% of participants for the full duration of the webinar.

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Parenting education reduces stress and increases productivity

Today’s working parents have less frequent access to traditional sources of parenting skill exchanges, like extended family nearby or chats at the playground. They can feel torn between home life and work responsibilities and are often stressed or distracted at work when things are not going well with their child.

Workplace parenting education programs give employees peace of mind and tools to better handle their personal lives - making them more productive on the job. Employee benefits specialists report that working parents who can find answers at work exhibit higher morale and are more likely to stay longer with the company.

New communication skills can lead to better workplace interactions

44203960 - funny strong child. girl power and feminism conceptParents report that the communication skills they learn in parenting classes work remarkably well with colleagues, and help them deal with on-the-job frustration and stress. Evidence suggests that workplace parenting education encourages small-group support systems and increases employees' self-esteem in other areas of their lives.

The University of Connecticut conducted research on Peace at Home Parenting's webinars conducted by Ruth Freeman for corporate employees. The university published research that reports parents who participate in Ruth’s webinars:

  • Increase their sense of control and competence,
  • Decrease dysfunctional parenting behaviors, and
  • Increase their sense of support in everyday parenting.

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"Peace at Home Parenting webinars are one of my favorite Aetna benefits! Feeling like I have things under control at home allows me to be more present and focused at work."

- Megan, Michigan 

“I mean it when I say I've never received such positive feedback after a seminar. Not only are you excellent at what you do, but you have an undeniable energy and passion for teaching parents. We really loved having you!”

- Gabrielle Farias, BroadLife Program Specialist
Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, Cambridge, MA

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