Workplace Solutions for Stressed Parents

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The Problem:
Family distractions can cost your organization time and money.

The Solution:
Research shows that workplace parenting programs improve employee productivity and morale while reducing stress and absenteeism. Peace at Home Parenting Solutions offers a variety of workplace parenting education programs that target parenting problems, including:

  • Live online “Lunch and Learn” parenting classes – Participants receive answers to parenting problems immediately while interacting with specialized professionals and other parents with similar concerns. Year-long custom designed program developed based on the needs of parents in your organization.
  • Parent Well-Being Support Package – access to meaningful support for parents taking live or recorded online classes
    • Private, monitored Facebook group
      • Parents post questions and receive feedback from Peace At Home teachers and other engaged parents
      • Gain practical tips and strategies to solve everyday problems and emotional support from teachers and peers
    • Monthly online Q&A sessions
      • Parents gain on-the-spot solutions to difficulties applying new parenting skills
      • Delivered by Peace At Home founder and lead teachers, Ruth E. Freeman, LCSW
  • New Parents’ “Flash Class” Library – New parents returning to work may experience increased distraction, stress, absenteeism and lower productivity. Access to brief recorded classes that target new parent concerns (“Will Working Hurt My Attachment with My Baby?”) can be accessible for use in lactation pumping rooms and other settings on the go for busy new parents 
  • Personalized family coaching – Customized solutions including targeted, effective private coaching to quickly solve parent-child challenges at home to optimize the focus of your most valued employees.
  • On-site engaging parenting workshops – Available in northeast US.

The Results:
University of Connecticut researchers report the effects of Peace at Home Parenting webinars on Employees. After one one-hour live online class Peace At Home has significant impact in:

  • Increased level of support parents feel in facing their everyday lives
  • Reduced dysfunctional parental discipline practices
  • Increased sense of control and competence with their children

Additional evidence indicates the effects of parenting education on the Corporate Work Environment:

  • Decreased employee stress
  • Increased employee focus and productivity
  • Increased workplace satisfaction and longevity of stay with company

Companies appreciate Peace At Home white glove service:

  • Custom designed lunch and learn live online classes
  • All classes recorded and accessible to participants
  • Subscriptions for employees needing class outside of work hours
  • Registration, class delivery and follow-up managed by Peace At Home
  • High quality handouts summarizing key learning points available for download
  • We track and report usage, engagement and feedback
  • Certificates of participation available

Participants also report that the communication skills learned in parenting classes work remarkably well with colleagues and help them deal with on-the-job frustration and stress.

We are parents’ favorite well-being support option


  • Overall I was satisfied with the presenter
  • The content was informative and useful
  • I will use the content to take action

99% respond YES to “Overall were you satisfied with the webinar?” 

  • I can feel the presenters’ knowledge through the computer!
  • I always take these webinars, even if its the same topics again, because I always walk away with something I can try.
  • Really good info to use, check yourself and how you are handling/approaching your child and how to help in the future.
  • Presenter was energetic regarding the topic which helps me stay engaged in the conversation.
  • Loved the trainer and the polls throughout the course. 
  • Great presentation - appreciated the insights and interactive forum. Will attend another!
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"Peace at Home Parenting webinars are one of my favorite Aetna benefits! Feeling like I have things under control at home allows me to be more present and focused at work."

- Megan, Michigan 

“I mean it when I say I've never received such positive feedback after a seminar. Not only are you excellent at what you do, but you have an undeniable energy and passion for teaching parents. We really loved having you!”

- Gabrielle Farias, BroadLife Program Specialist
Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, Cambridge, MA

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