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Ready to get inspired? Join the Peace at Home family and let our experts nurture your inner parent. Just select a parenting class(es) that focuses on your needs in the format that works best for you. You can purchase by class (live online, recorded full length, or recorded flash) or purchase our entire program for only $97 per year and have access to all options. You can also receive one on one coaching or find a custom solution for your workplace or organization. Learn more about our parenting solutions or get started below.

With each class purchase you will receive:

  • Access to the Class Recording
  • A download/printable parenting handouts
  • Access to our private, monitored Facebook group where you can get answers and feedback from more than 500 other caring parents like yourself and all Peace at Home experts
  • and Free Monthly online Q&A sessions to follow up on any new skills learned in Peace at Home classes

Most classes are 30-45 minutes in length with the exception of our Flash Classes which are a series of 3 15-minute classes. Personal online coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience are available to help you work through specific challenges, develop customized action plans and support you through the process.

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