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Ready to get inspired? Get started and join the Peace at Home family and let our experts nurture your inner parent through your smart phone, tablet or computer. Just select the parenting class you need in the format that works for you. Sign up for an interactive, live online class so you can ask the teacher questions on the spot. Live classes meet at a certain time on a certain day and you receive emails to remind you to join. Or you can watch or just listen to an on-demand recorded class any time of the day or night, right when you need some help. On the run? Listen to a “Flash Class” that is 15 minutes or less. Our full-length recorded classes are more in-depth and last 30 – 45 minutes. And we don’t go away when class ends!

With each class purchase you will receive:

  • Parent handouts you can download and print
  • Access to our private, monitored Facebook group where you can get answers and feedback from more than 700 other caring parents like yourself and all Peace at Home experts
  • Access to Free monthly online Q&A sessions to follow up on your new approaches
  • And if you sign up for a live, online class and miss it – we will send you access to a recording of that class in just a day or two.

You can pay by class or purchase our entire program for only $225 per year and have access to all options.

You can also receive private coaching or find a custom solution for your workplace or organizationLearn more about our parenting solutions or get started below.

Please note: When you choose classes by CATEGORY you will see recorded classes listed first and then interactive, live classes.

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