Live Online Parenting Classes

online parenting courses

A recent study conducted by the University of Connecticut indicates that parents who participate in Ruth's webinars:

  • Increase their sense of control and competence
  • Decrease dysfunctional parenting behaviors, and
  • Increase their sense of support in everyday parenting

Parenting webinars are virtual but live and last 30 – 60 minutes. You attend virtually on your computer, tablet or smart phone. You will often get a glimpse of Ruth and other teachers as they facilitate the sessions, and it can get lively!

Ruth Freeman and other Peace at Home facilitators often use humor and their own life experiences to illustrate parenting skills as well as challenges. Participants appreciate the opportunity to ask questions on the spot and get practical answers. Parents also value hearing the experiences of other parents. Webinar participants often report they no longer feel alone in their parenting difficulties.

Following each webinar you will receive a recording of the class so you can listen with friends and family to share ideas and remind yourself about the most important ideas for you.

Webinar participants have access to free monthly Q&A sessions in which parents can ask follow up questions to their webinar learning. You will have time after your webinar to apply skills, get results and receive coaching from Ruth and other facilitators about challenges. Together with other parents you will be able to celebrate your successes. You may send questions ahead of the Q&A session through email, ask the questions “live” during the session or post them through “chat.” Even if you don’t have questions, you may want to attend these free sessions to learn about how other parents are applying skills and gain insights from open-ended parent to parent and parent to teacher conversations. Instructions to join free Q&A sessions will be available to participants following each webinar.

Webinar participants also gain access to Peace At Home Parenting's private Facebook page. This is a lively community of parents who seek solutions to challenges from eating disorders in boys to diapering active toddlers to bullying at school. Innovative and practical approaches are shared by both well informed parents and Peace At Home teachers.

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